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Find Other Parents of Spirited Children
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These parents/caregivers are facing the same challenges you are.
Some are interested in starting support groups.
All are interested in meeting other parents of spirited children to share experiences, ideas, and friendship either online or in person!

Spring 2006: this section of our site is currently undergoing a revision. We hope to have it up and running again as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you would like to be added to our listing of parents looking to connect with other parents, please send the following information via email to and we'll add it in as soon as the new database is finished.


1) Identify your children by their gender and (birth month/birth year) ONLY. This protects their privacy. We also ask that you identify which are spirited.

2) No personal information that could lead someone to your door (including last names, phone numbers, street address)

3) No advertising of any kind.

SAFETY FIRST At the risk of being repetitive, it's very important when interacting on the internet to preserve your privacy as much as possible. If your email address is your name, your child's name or is the one given to you to use for work, I highly recommend (but, don't require) that you head over to one of those free email sites (e.g. and sign up for an account using a name not easily identified with you. This then becomes the email address you use on message boards, on our site, when shopping online - all things public. Save your other email address for personal communications.

For example, you could use ~ animals (, ~ flowers (, ~ food ( or ~ colors ( You'll notice that when you pull up our listings, we don't show email addresses but we do include a way to email people. Just another way we protect your privacy!

Be Creative and be Safe!

To be added to our database, please include the following information in your email:

1 - Your First Name:

2 - Your City/town (or county or other local geographic area - e.g. northeast Dallas area):

3 - Province/County: (for non-US locations only)

4 - Your State:

5 - Your Email Address:

6 - Comments: Here's where you state what you're looking for. A typical example is: I am the mother/father of two children - a spirited son (mm/yy) and a daughter (mm/yy). I'm looking for other parents interested in meeting at the park, talking on the phone or by email, starting a playgroup, or forming a parents support group!: