Nurturing Our Families
Resources For the Art of Living

Nurturing Our Families believes that . .

. . a healthy and happy Family life is an Art, not a science.

. . people are part of an interconnected web of life and each Family is a fluid, dynamic, living entity.

. . children are as important to the life of a Family as the adults.

. . the animals we choose (or who choose us) to bring into our Family contribute to the family's overall health in ways we might not even realize.

. . the food we feed our bodies directly affects our body's overall health.

. . the choices we make as an individual directly impact everyone in the Family.

. . each Family functions as it's own little world and only the members of the Family have the privilege of defining what is healthy for that Family.

. . following your intuition / gut instinct / heart - like a lighthouse beacon in the fog - especially when it guides you away from your head/logic, takes courage and is rewarded with growth and a greater overall state of Family health.

. . a family's overall health is dependent on finding and maintaining the health of each individual. When one member is off balance, then the entire family is affected.

. . as adults, it's our responsibility to help our Family to find it's equilibrium point and then to define a healthy zone around it within which every member can thrive and grow.

. . there is no single 'correct' approach or solution to anything (including how one defines Family). What matters is finding the approaches that resonate with and work best for you and your Family, regardless of what the 'experts' or anyone else might say or try to make you feel or believe.

. . a healthy, happy Family is priceless.

Nurturing Our Families is committed to bringing you resources that assist you in defining and maintaining your family's zone of health.

Nurturing Our Families does not discriminate against a person's age, gender, race, religion, definition of Family, or lifestyle, but please note that our purpose is to promote resources based on our above belief statement.

Nurturing Our Families is based in the United States.